holly-anne rolfe @ tate modern


I started working at Tate Modern in 2003 where I was a member of the ground breaking peer-led young people's programme Raw Canvas - still going strong today.

I have always loved art, objects, musuems and galleries and had a great few years here coordinating events, workshops, courses and exihibitions for young people.

In 2006 I moved sideways into the Community & Family education programme where I still work today on the START programme for families.

START is a fabulous drop-in programme of both paper and object based activities all based on artworks on display in Tate's permanent collection. We also run workshops.

The games are all devised by members of the START team who also act as interpreters helping families use the games in the gallery.

Among the games I have helped devise and produce is the SURREALIST CHALLENGE, an exciting kit of Surreal Experiments which helps children understand how the Surrealists started making their work using techniques such as Automatic Drawing, Frottage and Collage.

I have also written questions for over ever-popular OUTSIDE THE BOX game played with an enormous dice.


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